Free RPG Day! Compendium of Wild Beasts Cards and Backer Rewards

Happy Free RPG Day Wonderful Internet People!

As a thank you for all your support, we've posted a couple of free goodies for all you hammer heads out there. Firstly, we've put up our Deck of Many Things Kickstarter Backer Achievement Rewards up on the store for only $1.00, but for Free RPG Day, it's on sale for free! Secondly, in preparation for our upcoming Kickstarter, I've attached a couple of free card files from the "Compendium of Wild Beasts" so you can recreate Aesop's fabled race in your home game.

Enjoy all you Wonderful Internet People, and you'll hear from us again when the Compendium drops on Kickstarter!

State of the Gemhammer Spring 2017

State of the Gemhammer Spring 2017:

Pax, a New Addition, and a Kickstarter


Good Afternoon You Wonderful Internet People!

It's been a little while since we posted in our blog so I thought I'd jump in and give you all a little update on whats going on in the world of Gemhammer. 

Our trip to PAX East

A special thanks to Phil, Johnny, John, and Lauren for coming out with us to PAX this year.

A special thanks to Phil, Johnny, John, and Lauren for coming out with us to PAX this year.


As many of you may know, we made our first appearance at the Penny Arcade Exposition: East. Conveniently located about 5 miles from our front door, it seemed like the perfect opportunity for our first PAX. Wielding the fabled Gemhammer Hammer (Gemmy) and the Dice of Mystery we journeyed through a convention center filled to the brim with challenging puzzles and malicious monsters. in the end we came out victorious, we sold some dice, played some games and partied hard.  We also met our first WIP IRL (Wonderful Internet Person, In Real Life).

Our First WIP IRL!!!!!!

Our First WIP IRL!!!!!!

We had a great time and we expect to be doing more of these shows as we reach a larger audience. If you know of any good gaming conventions in your area that you'd love to see the gemhammer gents at, shoot us an email and who knows, you might get to see Gemmy for yourself!

Our Newest Addition

Shortly following our return from PAX our latest edition came in from the manufacturer. It was a custom order so it won't be available for all you hammer heads out there, but since it's been occupying all of my time for the last two months and distracting me from the blog, I thought I would show off a little bit.

I can't wait to start playing games with this little munchkin

I can't wait to start playing games with this little munchkin

On March 18th, Katie and I had out first child. His name is Scott, and this little monster has been our #1 focus ever since. Scott has a challenge rating of 0, his size is tiny, and his alignment is Chaotic Neutral. He has a natural bite attack that does zero damage but makes the target moist, and can cast stinking cloud every 6 rounds.

With things starting to settle down from Scott's arrival, and the fact that he's sleeping through the night (almost), we've been able to finish up on one of our pet projects and get it ready for you dear consumers. So without further ado...


The Compendium of Wild Beasts

An Arsenal of Animal Adversaties and Associates

An Arsenal of Animal Adversaties and Associates

Coming soon to a Kickstarter near you, The Compendium of Wild Beasts will give you 100 animals in card form for your druid, ranger, summoner, and your favorite DM. We will have a version for both 3.5 and 5th edition, as well as a small expansion of an additional 20 cards. Our 5th edition expansion offers 20 brand new animals that we feel will make a great addition to any arsenal of animal adversaries and associates. 

Joe and I have a few short details to work out on this guy, but once we do, we'll be sending out promo decks and sharing the Kickstarter page with some of our favorite press people. Once they've had a chance to look over the cards and the project, we'll be launching the Kickstarter for the general public. Baring all out disaster on our end, you can expect to see this Kickstarter going live before the end of June.

We have several other projects that we plan on launching in the coming months that you can read about in previous blog posts. Those haven't gone away, they'll just take a little longer to get here than expected. More news to come soon, have a good afternoon and we'll see you next time.




The Gemhammer Monthly Update February 2017

The MacGuffin-Stone Keep Snapshot,

The Deck of Destinies, and Compendium of Wild Beasts


Good Evening Wonderful Internet People

This month, we'll be digging a little deeper into our forthcoming adventure series, The MacGuffin-Stone Keep. We'll also be taking a peak at the long-promised Compendium of Wild Beasts and talking a little about the Deck of Destinies. But first, some news about our upcoming appearance at Green Mountain Comic Expo.


Green Mountain Comic Expo


That's right, we're hitting the road again and returning to the Green Mountain State. Produced by the group behind Vermont Comic Con, Green Mountain Comic Expo is an independent art show at the Barre Civic Center in Barre, Vermont. While there, we'll be running games and selling cards. So if you're in the area, stop on by and say hello, play some Mystery Dice and maybe even beta test our super secret new game.

For more information and to buy tickets check out


MacGuffin-Stone Keep:

The Hall of Endless Rooms

Very soon, our first adventure module will be hitting the digital shelves of the Gemhammer store and DriveThru RPG. But what can you expect from this new series of adventure modules? To help explain the majesty and wonder behind the MacGuffin-Stone Keep, I will refer to the opening letter written by our own Joe Curran.

Esteemed Game Masters,
     Encased in these pages is a dungeon that contains a marvelous item: The MacGuffin-Stone. The MacGuffin-Stone is an item of purest power, vital to the plot. The prophecy has said that it probably belonged to your father. And that’s what your PCs are after!
    At Gehmammer and Sons, we are committed to making your games More Better. But we still want your games to be your games. So in these pages, you won’t find rich lore about the town beset on by villains with intricate backstories and motivations. You won’t read about succession of kings or the politics of court. Not a word here has been dedicated to tribal agreements.
    As a Game Master, you have a world. Your players know it, your players’ characters live there. Be it a published world from some game company, or one of your own creation. We love that, and want to encourage you to make the world your own. After all, that’s why we Roleplay: to leave our mark on the world.
    In these pages, you will find a Keep. It is themed to be exactly what you need of it. Regardless of your play style, regardless of whether your players always search for traps or never, regardless of whether they prep offensive or support spells, whether you want a Temple to the Fire Gods or a rat-infested Goblin hideout, whether you need a cave to be home to an Unspeakable Evil or a sunken Pirate vessel plunged from the depths by nefarious magic, there’s a MacGuffin-Stone Keep for you.
    In the final room of this Keep, you will find the MacGuffin-Stone. While statistics for using the MacGuffin-Stone are included, it is not our intention that you use these statistics. Rather, the MacGuffin-Stone should be replaced with whatever MacGuffin your players are after. The 19th Piece of the Amulet of 27 Pieces, the princess or priestess taken by ne’ers do well, the rare spell components, the sword, Deathcrawler, ancestral heirloom of the ruling house: anything your players want to acquire or retrieve.
So here it is, a modular dungeon to make your game, your game, More Better.

MacGuffin-Stone Keep: the Hall of Endless Rooms is built for 4 Level 3-5 PC's, compatible with 3.5, Pathfinder and 5th Edition. the Adventure will include 3 new monsters and the MacGuffin-Stone Item Stat-block.


Coming Soon from

Gemhammer and Sons Gaming!


The Compendium of Wild Beasts

It's been a while since we got to talking about this little gem, but late Q2 2017 Players and DMs alike will be able to get the Compendium of Wild Beasts via Kickstarter.

Nothing is worse for your DM, Druid, or Ranger than to have to manage the stat block of every fey and animal they may summon, turn into, or befriend. That's why we at Gemhammer and Sons Gaming have come up with a solution...put them all on cards! It works for your spells so why not do it for your beasts.

This 3.0/3.5 compatable deck of 100 cards contains the stat-blocks of Animals, Plants, Vermin and Fey to use in your game as an alternative to using a full Monster Manual or Bestiary.

The Deck of Destinies

Don't think for one second we forgot about the Classic Deck from the bowels of Return to White Plume Mountain. Be sure to check out our Update from last July that really dives into the deck, it's effects and the lore.

Last we left it, we had put it to you, the fans, to tell us what editions you'd like to see this in and we've settled on making this 2nd edition and 3rd/3.5 compatible with a 4th and 5th edition version to be made if there's sufficient interest. As with all our other decks, we are planning on putting the Deck of Destinies on Kickstarter, with a tentative launch targeted for summer 2017. However this may get pushed back as we're trying to balance card size, the required text and the art. I hope to have this balanced out soon, but I do still need to work on adjusting some things.


That's all for this month, thanks everybody!




Sneak Peaks and More!

The Gemhammer Monthly Update January 2017

Store Update, New Kickstarter and

The MacGuffin-Stone Keep.


We're Back Wonderful Internet People!

Things have been quiet from us here at Gemhammer Games, but not to worry, our silence is due to our incredible workload and all the amazing things we have coming in 2017. First off we've decided to change the Weekly Update into a monthly one. We've also decided to switch up our podcast situation. Many of you were sad to see us stop updating, but we've decided to change formats a little and you should see the podcast returning in the spring.

But you're not here to learn about the update schedule, you're here to learn about all the fantastic things we have to share with you, so all aboard the hype train, next stop: Adventure!

But First...

Deck of Many Things Kickstarter Update!

Bright and early Tuesday morning, we'll begin to ship out the final wave of Kickstarter orders! Thank the gods! And we stress that we are forever grateful for your backing and patience as we navigate all of this wonderful madness! Honestly, without you amazing internet people, we would never have made it through.

Store Update

New Bags!

For those of you who don't know, pre-orders are now live in our store for tarot-sized deck bags. Perfect for those who missed out on the Satchel of Holding from the Deck of Many Things Kickstarter. Made by the fine people at Emporium Custom Leathers, these bad Larry's come with a belt loop, and can hold up to 72 cards. With that much room, you can hold a Deck of Many Things, Many More Things or Even More Things! Be sure to check out Emporium Custom Leathers for dice bags, leather armor and more!

Kickstarter Decks are now available!

Now live in our store, you can purchase any of our Decks of Many Things, our Deck of Illusions and our very own Deck of Wonder! Just in time for Valentines Day!


Coming Soon from

Gemhammer and Sons Gaming!


New Kickstarter!

This spring we'll be launching our next project on Kickstarter, The Gemhammer Inspiration Deck. The Inspiration Deck is a new DM tool that helps reward their players for great roleplaying, amazing puns, and wild stunts. Want to know more? Want to get in on the action? Then stay tuned because we got all sorts of goodies planned for our next big dive into the wild world of crowd funding.


MacGuffin-Stone Keep

"MacGuffin-Stone Keep is home to the powerful artifact, The MacGuffin-Stone. It's very important to the plot..."

"MacGuffin-Stone Keep is home to the powerful artifact, The MacGuffin-Stone. It's very important to the plot..."

Right on the heals of our next Kickstarter, we will be releasing the first installment of our very own line of modules and dungeons; the MacGuffin-Stone Keep Series.

We here at Gemhammer Games what to take the work load off the Dungeon Masters and Game Masters of the world, so that they and their parties can write and tell the stories of their world and their characters. What we don't want is to tell you who lives in your world and bog you down with exposition that you'll never use. The MacGuffin-Stone Keep will be a series of modular dungeons, temples, castles, pyramids, etc..., that you can use in your adventures, all without the how and why, so that you can tell your story the way you want to. Need a water temple? We've got that. Need a maze made of endlessly spawning rooms? We've got that too! Combine them together for hours of fun! Well, hours of wandering around in a water themed House of Leaves, anyway...

That's all we have for this Month's Gemhammer Update. But not to worry, we'll be back soon with many more news and products. Thanks everybody, and have a good night!




The Compendium Wild Beasts & The Deck of Destinies. 




The Gemhammer Weekly Update - 11/21/16

Getting Ready To Ship and The Deck of Even More Things


Good Evening You Wonderful Internet People,

I am pleased to announce that barring all out catastrophe we'll be shipping out the first few batches of orders for the Kickstarter beginning monday the 28th. Please note that if your order contains the Deck of Many More Things (or by extension the Deck of Even More Things) your order will not ship for a few more weeks, as we're still settling things with the new printer and preparing compatible deck files for them. We'll be sure to let you know once these are on they are way to us and also when they are on the way to you.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns please email us at


Deck of Even More Things

Things are going to be pretty nuts on our end while we pick and pack these orders, but I wanted to make sure to share with you some more artwork from the Deck of Even More Things.

Like the Deck of Many More Things The Deck of Even More things is an Expansion for your Gemhammer Deck of Many Things. Also like the Deck of Many More Things, The Deck of Even More Things is far less deadly then it's gygaxian cousins, and contains many boons and banes that lead to some amazing story hooks. Anyone who ordered the Deck of Many More Things in the Kickstarter will be receiving their Deck of Even More Things for free. Those of you who didn't order yours through the Kickstarter needn't worry though, it will be available soon through and Drivethru RPG. Below is a selection of some of our favorite cards from the Deck of Even More Things, We'll reveal more of the cards as we close in on that shipping date for the higher tiered orders. 


That's all for today, we'll be back next week with some pictures of the finished boxes, the leather bags and some other goodies coming out soon from Gemhammer Games. Have a good night!



The Gemhammer Weekly Update - 11/13/16

The One Where You See the Completed Deck of Many More Things!

and other cool stuff that you haven't even been told about yet.


Good Evening You Wonderful Internet People,

Tonight I bring you Cards! We're showing the Deck of Many More Things in it's entirety. We're also going to take a look at the fixed Deck of Illusions! But first we have some bad news about the Deck of Many Things Kickstarter. :(


Deck of Many Things Kickstarter Delay

For those of you wonderful internet people who don't know we have to apologize. Because of an unforeseen production issue with the Deck of Many More Things and the Deck of Even More Things, we will be unable to have all of the Backer Rewards shipped by the end of November. We feel terrible about this, and we are resigned to have the orders out as soon as we can get the cards in. With our new production outlets, we are committing to having the orders shipped by mid-December. We fully anticipate all domestic orders to arrive by Christmas. If you are not receiving the DoMMT or the DoEMT then your order should ship just after Thanksgiving.

In an attempt to make a amends, we will be offering our first published adventure, free to all backers. If there's anything more we can do, please contact us at and we'll endeavor to do all we can. We sincerely thank you for your understanding. 

Again, please reach out to us if there's anything we can do.

Silver Lining

The good news of this delay is that the Preorder Period for the Deck of Many Things has been extended by a two more weeks! If you haven't order your decks, you can still order yours today at


The Finished Deck of Many More Things

Below you can get your first look at the completed Deck of Many More Things. The Deck of Many More things is not only a great addition to our current line of Decks of Many Things but if works as it's own standalone magical item. While it functions much the same as the original Deck of Many Things, The Deck of Many More Things is far less deadly then it's gygaxian counterparts. If you're looking to shake things up in your adventure but you don't want absolutely game and world breaking results then this is the magic item for you.


Deck of Illusions - Fixed it!

So we got the new proofs in for the Deck of Illusions, it's all fixed and they should be here by the end of next week. We're going to have these available on DriveThruRPG just as soon as the Kickstarter rewards goes out. What do you guys think, let us know in the comments section below.


That's all for this week, but there's a lot more to come so stay tuned to this...

I guess you don't tune in to websites...hmm.

Thanks everybody!