Bikini Goblin Bingo 3.5

Bikini Goblin Bingo 3.5


Bikini Goblin Bingo is all about the Bikini Goblins and their home on the Gadus Peninsula. Gadus is a region in the World of Aardehn, the setting for Gemhammer's Adventure Series, But could easily be adapted for any game world.

"The Gadus Peninsula is a region south of the Bay of Arberstone. Despite the temperate climate of the region, the beaches and rolling sand dunes of the peninsula are always unseasonably warm. Gadus is home to a number of unique peoples that have adapted to life on the beach. An enigmatic group of fey called Ploverherds watch over the modestly sized Dire Plovers that roam the sandy beaches. Gull Folk hunt for giant lobsters and build elaborate nests on the rocky shores and cliffs of the peninsula. Merfolk and Merrow regularly make their way to shore, and sea hags are a nuisance to all who visit the peninsula. However the most commonly seen people on the beaches of Gadus are the strangely alluring Bikini Goblins."

Bikini Goblin Bingo includes Bikini Goblin Character Traits, a Statblock for Bikini Goblins as a monster, along with three all new creatures, magic items, an encounter table and more!

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