The Gemhammer Weekly Update - 10/10/16

More Sketches from Beth.


Good Afternoon You Wonderful Internet People,

With our work on the Deck of Many Things coming to a close and getting ready to order the last sets of cards, we've been pretty bogged down. I did want to share some sketches that beth sent me though. These sketches are from the Deck of Many More Things and we'll have the full color finished versions of them soon.  As some of you may know, we lost one of our other artist early in the campaign and so Beth has had to do significantly more artwork then we originally envisioned. As a result these cards will look different then the versions of them we posted back in June, but we hope you like them all the same.

Thanks for all you support everyone, I can't wait to have these shipped out and finished so we can focus more on some of the other stuff we got cooking here at Gemhammer.

Thanks Again


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