The Gemhammer Weekly Update - 10/30/16

Chests of Holding Construction Part II

& Deck of Illusions Mistake


Good Evening You Wonderful Internet People,

It's been a little while, but rest assured we're still here and hard at work to get everything ready to ship in a few weeks time. Today we're checking back in at the workshop with Kate and Dave, and taking a look at the boxes for the Chests of Holding. They're sanded, painted, magnets put in them. The next step with these guys is to stencil the logo on the top and put the inserts in them. We'll be sure to update again with all that once it's done. I also plan to update with pictures of the Leather Pouches by the end of the week so stay tuned.

Chest of Holding Pictures

in other news...

The Proofs Came Back and Conor Screwed Up.

We got the proofs back for the Deck of Illusions and I immediately noticed something was a little off. My father always said, "measure twice, cut once." Unfortunately, it doesn't matter if you measure twice if you had the wrong measurement written down to start with. As you can see in the pictures, I mixed up my cut lines and my bleed lines so the cards are missing their border and some words are cut off the "cover" cards. But not to worry, realizing my error, I set straight to work fixing it and it should be all set now. The new proof should be in a couple of days and then I can get the rest of the cards in. We'll begin shipping out the lower tier orders just as soon as we have them. 

But hey, other than that, I think they look pretty good!


That's it for today, but with us gearing up to ship out the Kickstarter rewards in the weeks to come, and the remaining bits and bobs coming in from the printer, we'll be updating more and more frequently. Thanks again for all your support everybody.


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