The Gemhammer Weekly Update: 3/19/2016

Relaunch, Other Projects and Sneak Peak Art.


Good Evening You Wonderful Internet People,

This update will also be posted on our Website,, where you can expect weekly updates and postings regarding these and future projects, Also please follow us on twitter (@GemhammerGaming) so you can stay up to date with our projects. Now, before we get into anything else, lets talk about...

The Relaunch

I'm happy to announce that, barring all out catastrophe with the test batch, we've found a new printer and have begun preparations for the relaunch. The tiers and rewards are being completely reworked and we expect to relaunch sometime in mid-may.  You, the Backers, will also be given early access the new Kickstarter page before we launch. We'll be looking for your feedback and giving you a chance to scope out the tiers that will be limited to but a few. You can expect lower prices, additional stretch-goals, more tiers below $25.00 and because you asked for it Cases, Bags and an Art Only Deck. (pause for effect)

Additionally if you've read the comments on the Kickstarter you know that the Super Secret Surprise at the $40.00 level would have been the 18 cards from the Greyhawk edition of the Deck of Many Things in all it's Gygaxian glory. We've decided to go ahead and add those cards in as another expansion pack to the Deck of Many Things Relaunch (henceforth referred to as The Deck of Many Things 0th Edition). You classic D&D and AD&D loving' mothers will get your kicks when those cards kill you dead with no saving throw. We know that's what you like, don't deny it.

Other Projects

While the Kickstarter not going through changed a lot of things for us here at Gemhammer, I'm glad to tell you that our other projects are right on schedule and we expect to have them available to you soon. 

No art yet, due to a last minute change in card size but here is just a taste of what you can expect from us very soon.

The Deck of Illusions: We teased it, we said we wouldn't do it, we changed our minds, and soon it will be here! 38 cards of illusory monsters and creatures for your spell caster to throw around like he's playing Yugioh. 

The Deck of Wonder: Simulate a Rod of Wonder, Wild Magic surges or as it's own artifact akin to the Deck of Many Things. Why use a table in a book when you can give your spell caster a deck of 100 random spell effects. They might cast thunderbolt, they may also fill everyones shoes with custard, it's anyones guess. 

Compendium of Wild Beasts: Nothing is worse for your Druid then to have to manage the stat block of every fey and animal they may summon, turn into or befriend. That's why we at Gemhammer and Sons Gaming have come up with a solution, put them all on cards! It works for your spells so why not do it for your beasts.

We'll have more on those products in the weeks to come and a few others

Sneak Peak Art

Finally I want to give a shout out to the two very talented artists who are hard at work making your Deck of Many Things a reality, Beth Vargas and Mina Sanwald. I've included links to their sites below and as a special treat they've sent me some of the roughs from The Deck of Many More Things and The Deck of Many Things 0th Edition.

Beth: Very Nony Ideas

Mina: Call Me Mina


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