The Gemhammer Weekly Update: 3/25/2016

The One About The Deck of Wonder!


Good Evening You Wonderful Internet People,

This week I come before you with a look at the upcoming...


Deck of Wonder


The Deck of Wonder is primarily a tool for those looking to get more spell effects for their Rod of Wonder or Wild Magic Surges. However it can just as easily be used as it's own magical artifact like a sort of Deck of Many Things Lite. The deck will contain 100 spell effects printed on standard poker sized playing cards and come packaged in an attractive tuck box.

Pictured below is the prototype box. It's made from paper, expect the finished product to be 10,000% more the bomb then this.

                                                      Not the finished product!

                                                      Not the finished product!

We put a lot of time making sure that the Ratio of Good effects, Bad effects and the "What the hell just happened" is well balanced and we found that the deck plays very much like a hybrid of the Rod of Wonder and the Deck of Many Things. Although there's significantly less chance of death or breaking the game when compared to the Deck of Many Things.


Included is a card describing the magical item, but if you're intending to use it a a Wild Magic Sorcerer or with a Rod of Wonder this card can be discarded. When used as it's own artifact, we gave it three uses per day, we felt that this really cut back on the possibility of it causing too much chaos in a campaign. 

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly.

The Deck of Wonder will be available for sale very soon, and we'll be posting another update as soon as it's ready.


DoMT Relaunch

Unfortunately I don't have any news to share with you guys about the relaunch this week. A lot of cool stuff happened this week, and I've got some great stuff I'm itching to share with you but it's all things I'd rather show you then tell you so I'm going to wait till some packages come in from the manufacturers. although...


Sneak Peak Art

We do have some more sneak peak art from the Deck of Many Things 0th Edition. Beth and Mina are hard at work, finishing these up so that they'll be ready for May. Enjoy!

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