The Gemhammer Weekly Update - Late Edition: 4/2/2016

The Deck of Many Things Card Back Poll of Ultimate Destiny


Good Evening You Wonderful Internet People,

Sorry this is so late, we had some technical difficulties yesterday that made posting the update impossible. But hey, better late then never, am I right?

During the Kickstarter, a number of you expressed your opinion that the card backs for the Deck of Many things should not feature the Gemhammer logo so prominently, so as to showcase those sweet, sweet crystal huggin' serpents. This week, we're putting it to you to help decide what the card back of the relaunched Deck of Many Things will look like. So without further ado, I present to you the new card back.

Please fill out this short survey and submit it to us, we'll be closing the poll and submitting the results on April 15th.

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*We value everyone's opinion not just the Kickstarter Backers.
How likely are you to back the Kickstarter when it relaunches in May? *



That's all for this week, but very, VERY soon I'll have some awesome news to share with all of you, I promise. Until then, Stay Classy You Wonderful Internet People.