The Gemhammer Weekly Update: - Gamhammer's Trip to PAX! - 4/23/2016

The one where Conor and Beth went to PAX!


Good Morning You Wonderful Internet People,

It's a hell of a time here at Gemhammer. We're at PAX, the Relaunch is right around the corner, we're continuing work on the Deck of Illusions (see sneak peak art below!) and prototyping our super secret stand alone game. We've never been busier but I've also never had more fun.

PAX East 2016 Highlights

While many of you were mourning the death of our beloved Prince, we were getting ready to party like it's 1999. Lot's of new games to play, panels to view and swag bags as far as the eye can see.

Although to be honest, the swag bags were pretty disapointing this year. We received a small plastic bag filled with advertisements and a magazine, also filled with advertisements. I remember in years passed, we at least got exclusive "super fight" and "cards against humanity"  cards, but alas the Gods of Swag did not smile upon us on this PAX East. Maybe next year.

"Hi I'm Beth from Gemhammer and Sons Gaming" "and I'm standing next to her!"

"Hi I'm Beth from Gemhammer and Sons Gaming" "and I'm standing next to her!"

Despite the disappointing levels of swag-a-tude, this year's PAX East is the best I've ever been to. It was much larger then previous years, with many more venders and companies turning out for the event. There's usually this huge empty space between the video games and the table top stuff, but this year they were crammed right on top of each other.

There were also a lot more attractions then in the past. Ark Survival Evolved has a huge T-Rex that you can have your picture taken on, sweet raffles and prizes happening, unsettlingly realistic League of Legends statues next to cosplayers, and brief moment of uncanny valley where you're not sure which is which. The best in my opinion though, was the Quantum Break Matrix style 180 degree photo booth.

Thank goodness the fine people from Xbox were here to capture our epic dual to the death. We both died.

True Story.

The Exhibition Hall was packed and there was just so much to do. Unfortunately I didn't get to play all the games I wanted to on Friday due to long lines and trying to make time for all the panels I wanted to attend- HOLD THE PHONE, IS THAT A GIANT KIRBY!?

Best Day EVER!


Precious Booty

I wasn't really at PAX to spend a lot of money on Pokemon jeggings and Undertale-themed face masks, but there were a couple things that really caught my eye and I decided I couldn't leave without.

The first item was this metal d20 by the Q-Workshop. I'd seen them before but after holding it in my hand for a little bit, I decided I just had to have one. It's got some real weight to it and rolls very nicely. I absolutely love the steam punk gear and screw motif and can't think of a better theme for metal dice... Well maybe Dio themed metal dice, that would be amazing. You hear that Q-Workshop, you can have that one for free!

The next item I just had to have was this runic dice ring by CritSuccess. Dice rings are spinner rings that have the values of dice, alignment simulators and other neat stuff on them. They also have counter rings which help you keep track of your HP with the dials on the ring. The dice rings are very well made and spin freely. You can check out all their sweet rings here:


Finally, I could not leave without buying this magnificent piece of musical majesty! This is the Protomen's Act III 10" Single. The Protomen have to be one of my favorite bands of all time. They're a Megaman-themed, operatic, power metal band that also covers the best songs of the 80's. If you haven't heard their stuff before, you should very check them out:





Sneak Peak Art: Deck of Illusions Roughs

We've been playing around with a few different versions of the Deck of Illusions, trying out different art styles and the like. I'm glad to say that we've made our decision and I'd like to share some of the rough drafts of what will soon be the Gemhammer Deck of Illusions. Let us know what you think in comments below and as always, you can reach us via email at

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