The Gemhammer Weekly Update - 5/21/2016

A Hoard of Chests


Good Evening You Wonderful Internet People,

I didn't update again last week. I have no excuse, well actually I do, it's the same excuse as last time. It's just not a great one. Regardless, I promise to do better in the future about posting these updates every week. Even if it's just to say "Oh, hey. Didn't see you there. How's it going?" you'll be getting an update from the good people here at Gemhammer Games. 

But that's enough of all that, instead let's talk about something new. Something exciting. Something as majestic as it is practical. I now present for your approval...

The Chest of Holding Mega Bundle

As you may recall from the last update, I'm working to showcase Mega Bundles of Holding for the upcoming Kickstarter Relaunch. Last time we talked about the Satchel of Holding. This week I present to you, the Chest of Holding Mega Bundle. Just as with the Satchel, everyone who backs at the Chest of Holding Mega Bundle level will receive their very own copy of the Gemhammer Deck of Many Things alongside The Deck of Many Things 0th Edition AND the Gemhammer Deck of Many More Things. But this is no carbon copy of the same old level. This bad boy has a whole chest load of goodies for the lucky few who are able to back at this level.

The Chest of Holding Mega Bundle comes packed in a hand painted, dual chambered, velvet lined wooden box with enough room for all the cards in your Deck of Many Things. In addition, each chest contains a complete set of gaming dice to add to your collection. And I'll have you know that I can personally guarantee that the d20 we package with these will naturally crit 1/20th of the time. I know, I can barely contain my excitement too!

Just as with the Satchel of Holding, the Chest of Holding comes with it's own unique card for the backers who pick this up. It's unique card is called Hoard, and it presents the players with a unique game of chance that may be wildly beneficial or utterly disastrous. Just as with The Satchel, this card will only be available through this bundle and will not be reprinted.


That's all I have to share with you all this week but with the relaunch slated for early June, expect lots of new content from us very soon. Tune in next week when we look at The Bag of Holding Mega Bundle and an All New Project.