The Gemhammer Weekly Update - 5/28/2016

Decks Fresh from the Printer, Velvet Bags and More!


Good Morning You Wonderful Internet People,

If I could get serious for a moment... wife would stop rolling her eyes at me...

*pause for laughter and applause*

 ...but I digress. Working on these decks and these projects with everybody here at Gemhammer has been a lot of work over the last year and a half, and having the first Kickstarter not work out was really disappointing. But we learned a lot from that experience and I think the products we're working on will be all the better for it.  We've got some really great stuff coming down the pipe that I can't wait to share with you all and the Deck of Many Things Kickstarter relaunch is just a couple of weeks away. We've also been getting some great feedback from both those people who backed the original Kickstarter as well as new fans of Gemhammer, and it really feels like this is all starting to come together. So I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who's supporting us, giving feedback and spreading the word so that Gemhammer Games can make the games and game accessories we dream of making.

This Memorial Day Weekend I'm coming at you with a whole mess of goodies.  Everybody get aboard because the Hype Train is leaving the station! Next stop, The Gemhammer Deck of Many Things: Redux - The Relaunchening. Speaking of which...

 Relaunch next week?

Right now, we're getting everything set to launch the new Kickstarter for the Deck of Many Things. A few weeks ago we set the tentative date of June 4th for the relaunch and while I very much want to keep that date, there are a couple things that may not be ready by then (mainly the video). So this Wednesday, I will be doing a Mid-Week update to either announce the preview site for our pervious Kickstarter backers with the intent of launching next Friday, or to announce the NEW launch date of the Kickstarter. We're very close to having everything done and I don't want to rush this out until everything is perfect. One thing I can promise is that if we don't launch on the 4th, it won't be a long wait after.


Fresh New Decks

For those of you who don't follow us on InstagramFacebook or Twitter, I am pleased to reveal that we got our preliminary decks in from the printer this past week and boy do they look good. Don't believe me? Well check this out->


It felt so great to be holding these three decks in my hands as opposed to looking at files on my computer, and I can't wait until every one of you has a chance to hold a set of your very own.


As many of you will recall, we've been showcasing the Mega Bundles of Holding and their exclusive cards in the weekly update of the past month or so. For those of you who missed the the other bundles, be sure to check out our previous update entries. 

This, my dear Wondeful Internet People, is the third and final Mega bundle of Holding.

The Sack of Holding Mega Bundle

As with all our Mega Bundles of Holding, the Sack of Holding Mega Bundle includes all three of our Decks of Many Things, along with Gemhammer's own Deck of Wonder. They also come with their very own case along with a custom card. The Case for this bundle is a fine velveteen bag.

The bag is black with a black ribbon drawstring and is 6''x 9'' allowing you to store all your cards comfortably inside.

Just like the previous two Mega Bundles of Holding, the Sack of Holding comes with it's own unique card. It's unique card is called Pockets and gives two characters a unique ability for better or for worse. Just as with The Satchel and Hoard, this card will only be available through this bundle and will not be reprinted.

They can pass notes, steal from each other or maybe just hold hands.

They can pass notes, steal from each other or maybe just hold hands.

Just as with The Satchel and Hoard this card will only be available through this bundle and will not be reprinted.


0th Edition Card Previews

This week, we got two more cards from the Deck of Many Things 0th Edition to share with you.

They are the Ace of Hearts and the Queen of Hearts. More XP and more wishes, what's not to love?


That's all for this week, you'll be hearing from us soon. So like, follow and subscribe for lots of updates soon to come.


Stay classy you Wonderful Internet People!


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