The Gemhammer Weekly Update: - 5/6/2016

Relaunch News Good, Bad and Tuck Boxes!


Good Evening You Wonderful Internet People,

I'm sorry about not updating last week, we're into the middle of fundraising season at the day job and with everything going on around here lately, I just couldn't find the time to write up something for you guys. However, I'm here this week and with the relaunch approaching, I wanted to cover a few things. After that, we'll get into some sweet tuck boxes and some finished cards from the Deck of Many Things, 0th Edition.


The Relaunch

The Good

To start off, I just wanted to spotlight one of our new reward levels and give an outline of how we intend to launch the new Kickstarter.  As some of you may recall, we spotlighted the leather tarot card pouches that will be available in a limited quantity in the relaunch. In case you missed it, they look like the image below.

Hot damn these look good! It's hands down the most majestic thing I've seen all day!


This backer reward level is one of three reward levels we're calling the Mega Bundles of Holding. We're going to be taking a look at each one over the next couple weeks. 

The Satchel of Holding Mega Bundle

Everyone who backs at The Satchel of Holding Mega Bundle level will receive their very own copy of the Gemhammer Deck of Many Things alongside The Deck of Many Things, 0th Edition AND the Gemhammer Deck of Many More Things, packaged together in a limited edition, handmade leather tarot bag. The bundle will also include Gemhammer's very own Deck of Wonder.

Just as each Mega Bundle of Holding comes with it's own container, they will also come with their own unique card. This bundle's unique card is called "The Satchel" and it will turn any pocket or container into a bag of holding.

This card will only be available through this bundle and will not be reprinted.

Next Week we'll be taking a look at The Chest of Holding Mega Bundle

In regards to the Kickstarter Relaunch, we should have the preview site ready soon. The backers of the first Kickstarter will receive a link to the Kickstarter preview site the Wednesday before launch. Everyone else will be able to look at the preview site the following Friday morning and we'll launch the Kickstarter that Friday evening. When will all this be taking place? Well that brings me to the bad news... 

The Bad

Unfortunately due to some scheduling conflicts and an unforeseeable delay with some of the artwork, we're going to have to push the Relaunch back a couple weeks. We originally intended to launch the Kickstarter next weekend, but it became pretty clear earlier this week that we won't be able to launch until the beginning of June. If everything falls into place perfectly over the next few weeks, then we're looking at a new launch date of June 3rd. Although it's still a little up in the air right now so we'll keep you posted.


Tuck Boxes!

Out with the old!

Out with the old!

When we first sat down and started working on the relaunch, the first thing I thought of was the tuck boxes. While I liked the old ones, I really just felt like I could have put more time into them. And put more work into them I did!

In with the new!

These fine specimens of Tuck-Box-itude blow the old tuck boxes right out of the water, and very soon you'll be able to enjoy them just as much as I do.




You read that correctly! This week we don't have sneak peak sketches and rough drafts, we have three finished cards from the Deck of Many Things, 0th Edition. You AD&D lovin', Gygaxian dice rollers will be Deck-of-Many-Thing-ing in old school style when you whip out these bad boys and let imminent death, chaos and disaster befall the party at large. Just click on the images below to see larger, more impressive versions.

That's all we have for this week. We'll see you wonderful internet people next week when we talk about some chests, some unique cards and some other hidden gems you can expect from us soon. Thanks to everyone who've been supporting us in this and our other projects, and thank you to the people who read and share our updates regularly, we really appreciate it.

As always, you can reach us via Twitter and Facebook, and by email at

Thanks again,