The Gemhammer Weekly Update - 6/18/2016

Deck of Many Things Funded!


Good Evening You Wonderful Internet People...


I'm happy to announce that we are 135% funded for the relaunch. We've still got 21 days left in the campaign and plenty of stretch goals to hit, so keep spreading the word. I'm personally floored by how quickly we reached out goal. On top of that we've already knocked out 4 stretch goals.

We'd also like to thank all of our backers and the people who've supported us. We're a very small company and we really appreciate everyone putting their trust in us. We're so excited to be finally making these cards and can't wait to be able to send these out to each and every one of you.

Gemhammer Games isn't a full time job for anyone, every one of us has a regular job and we do this in our spare time. So this is going to be a very short update, I think after this I'm going to take my wife to the carnival and see the flag day fireworks. Next week we plan to have some artwork to share with you from the stretch goals. 


Thanks again everyone,