The Gemhammer Weekly Update -Sunday Edition - 6/12/2016

Deck of Many Things Kickstarter is Now Live


Good Evening You Wonderful Internet People,

Gemhammer Deck of Many Things: Redux - The Relaunchening is now live and is just over 85% funded. With 28 days remaining in the campaign it's a safe bet that we'll reach our goal, but we're not there yet. We're asking the backers to help spread the word and get our Kickstarter funded, and the best way they can do that is to complete the Backer Achievments

DoMT Kickstarter Backer Achievement Primer

What is a Backer Achievement you ask? Well, they're little things that the backers of the Kickstarter can do to help spread the word and fund the campaign. Some of these Achievements will most likly  be completed in the due course of the campaign. For example "10 Backers" and "50 Backers" have already been unlocked. Other achievements require the backers to participate in social media so we can reach a larger audience. Hanging our Flyers, Liking our page and posts on Facebook, Following us on Twitter, and Signing up for our Newsletter allow us to reach a larger audience and the backers with updates and information about the Kickstarter and other projects. Finally there are some achievements that are just us having fun. Send pictures of your adventuring party in a tavern, Jester's in a park, or people in raccoon skin caps to 


"but what's in it for us?"...

I can already hear people asking why they should bother helping us with the Backer Achievements. it's because for every Backer Achievement unlicked you will receive a free monster, item, trap, race, etc. that you can use in your table top role playing adventures. in addition whenever you completer a set number of those achievement's you will unlocked special stretch goals for yourselves. d4's, the Dungeon of Many Things and a special card for all backer's awaits. If anyone has any questions about the Achievements or Stretch Goals We can be reached, as always, at



Behind the Scenes with Beth!

Here at Gemhammer Games we put a lot of time and hard work into our products, but no one works harder then Beth. Beth makes all the spectacular artwork for the Deck of Many Things. But how does she do it? Well we asked her that ver same question and this was her response...

Here we see her hard at work thinking of what the cards will look like.

And BAM! before you know it she has some rough line art happening on the computer.

Now she's begun to clean up that line work. Look at that hair, so majestic.

Now the lifework is complete and loaded into the template we use for Tarot sized cards. ready to be sent off to Conor for color blocking and Loading in text.

No that's what I'm talking about. That is one tough looking dragon lady

And there you have it, the creative process at work.


We'll see you guys next week with some sweet new stuff and updates on the Kickstarter.

Stay Classy