The Gemhammer Weekly Update - 7/16/2016

Relaunch, Other Projects and Sneak Peak Art.


Good Evening You Wonderful Internet People,

It'll be a short update this week, we're working hard to get all these Decks of Many Things completed and out to the printer for all our Kickstarter backers. Speaking of which...


We've received a number of emails from people who missed the Kickstarter and would still like to get their hands on some of our decks. Unfortunately the Kickstarter is over, but fortunately for you we'll soon have preorders up on our site for ordering decks, bags, keychains and more. We know you want to buy stuff from us and I want to sell you things, but be patient with us while we catch our breaths from the Kickstarter and get our house in order. We'll have all sorts of goodies coming your way soon.

Dice Keychains

It's been a little while since we checked in with Kate at her dad's workshop and I wanted to share with you some of their hard work.

These are just some of the many d20 keychains they've been putting together, and don't they look good hanging from those stands.  "But why do you need stands?" I hear you asking, "Aren't you just shipping them out to the Kickstarter Backers?" Well these aren't the dice we're shipping out to the Kickstarter Backers. Those have already been completed and sit in a box waiting to be picked and packed to go to their forever homes. These dice are going with us on a very special trip to a magical land called Burlington, Vermont. Which brings us to...

Gemhammer's Going to Vermont Comic Con!

While we're hard at work finishing up work for the Deck of Many Things Kickstarter, we're also gearing up to go to Vermont Comic Con. While we did make a trip to PAX this year, it was as attendees; Vermont Comic Con will be the first convention where we'll be vending it up with our very own tables and such. We'll have more information on this soon, if you're from the New England area and you're available that weekend you should totally come by and say hello. Tickets are available at

Sneak Peak Art

Due to the extremely positive feedback we received over the Backer Achievement Rewards from the Kickstarter, we've decided to put together a whole mess of treasures, traps and creatures. While it's a little too early to let you in on the specifics, I did want to show you some of the sweet new artwork that Beth has been churning out. In addition, we've got a new card from the Deck of Many Things 0th Edition. We hope you enjoy them. See you next week!