The Gemhammer Weekly Update - 08/21/16

Another Delivery 


Good Morning You Wonderful Internet People,

We're crazy busy getting ready for our trip to Vermont Comic Con so this will be a short one, but to make up for it, next we'll have con highlights, more decks fresh from the printer, and a couple special announcments. 

Delivery of Some More Things!

This week we got a couple more packages for the Kickstarter and our upcoming trip to Vermont Comic Con. Our "Cure Wounds Lite"  (same 1d8 healing, 1d4 the fat) have arrived along with some other Gemhammer Shirts coming with us to the convention. We also got the first box of Mini-Posters and some sweet banners for our tables.

Next week we'll have lots more to share and cool new stuff to talk about. Thanks everybody, we'll catch you next week!


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