The Gemhammer Weekly Update - 8/6/2016

Kickstarter Proofs and other News


Good Evening You Wonderful Internet People,

Sorry I didn't update last week. I've been pretty sick lately and I wound up sleeping through all of last weekend. This week I Have for you the first Proofs back from the printer for the Kickstarter.


The first proofs to come back are the Art deck, the updated Deck of Wonder, and the Mini Posters. Not the most exciting things to come back from the printer to be sure but they look great all the same. The Art Deck will be the classic Deck of Many Things without the rules and printed on regular sized playing cards. We plan to produce Art Decks for the 0th Edition, Deck of Many More Things and The Deck of Even More Things, but more on those in a future update. Those of you who backed the Kickstarter at the $35 Mega Bundle level or above will be receiving these for free with their orders. Those who missed out will still be able to get a copy via DriveThru RPG once all the Kickstarter orders have gone out.

We even fixed the card backs!

We even fixed the card backs!

Speaking of which, we've also got proofs back for the modified Deck of Wonder. We've fixed the issue with pixelation, and have added a couple blank cards, so you can add your own spell effects. The Deck of Wonder and all 100 random spell effects will be returning to DriveThru RPG later this week. Those of you who are getting a Deck of Wonder in your Kickstarter order, or that plan to buy it, will also be able to buy additional blank cards via DriveThru RPG. I'll be setting those up tonight with the intention of having them available for when the DoW goes live.

"Everyone, Everywhere, Suddenly Falls Prone" ...Imagine the campaign hooks...

"Everyone, Everywhere, Suddenly Falls Prone" ...Imagine the campaign hooks...

Finally we got the Mini Posters. Everyone who backed the Kickstarter will be reciving one of these sweet mini posters, but just as with the Art Deck and the Deck of Wonder, these too will be available online. Commemorate that time you fought a reverent by yourself or memorialize that time you took a negative to all your saving throws with these great posters.


Other Goodies from the Post Man

Aside from printed proofs, we also got some sweet new gear straight from the amazing people over at Chessex. These Dice look so good I'm sweating a little; and although my wife assure me that it's just this oppressive New England humidity causing my sweatiness, I'm quite certain that  it's the dice.

These sweet new dice and many others will be part of an exclusive game for the people in attendance at VT Comic Con. Those of you in the New England area should swing by and check us out.


Sneak Peek Art 

Finally we have the 5 remaining cards from the Deck of Many Things 0th edition complete and for all to enjoy. 

Next week we hope to have some more proofs to show and more information about Vermont Comic Con. 

Thanks everybody


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