The Gemhammer Weekly Update - 09/10/16

Deck of Even More Things &

The Deck of Illusions.


Good Evening You Wonderful Internet People,

This update I wanted to shine the spotlight on two of our Kickstarter Stretch Goals that are nearing completion and will soon join their siblings for preorder on our store. The Deck of Even More Things and The Deck of Illusions are especially exciting for us as they only came about due to the generosity and patronage of our Kickstarter Backers, and I'm very excited to see them completed. 

The Deck of Even More Things

The Deck of Even More Things, (like the Deck of Many More Things before it), is meant to be a further expansion of, or replacement to the traditional Deck of Many Things. While its Gygaxian cousins very often deal death with little hope of survival, or boons that spiral out of control, our Decks are a little more manageable for the DM and their players. 

We'd hoped to share the effects sooner but some of them proved broken in certain systems. Needless to say, it took some time to work out the kinks, but we're now ready to share these effects with you,. So without further ado, here are the effects for our upcoming Deck of Even More Things.

1. Pillars - 25 Stone Pillars rise from the Earth in a 50ft radius centered on you.

2. Wind - A Powerful Gust of wind throws you 15 ft into the air and 25 ft straight back.

3. Angels - The next enemy you fight takes 8d8 Radiant (positive energy) damage.

4. Devils - You take 8d8 Necrotic (negative energy) damage from the next enemy you face.

5. Legion - 1d8 Iron Golems have been sent out by your enemies to hunt you and your companions

6. The Door - A portal opens before you. 1d20 oppositely aligned outsiders exit the portal.

7. The Tower - All of your magical items are transported to the top of a magical tower. A map appears in your hands showing you its location.

8. The Cube - Once before the next sunrise you can create a cube of force for 10 minutes. 

9. The Calling - A divine force calls you to serve as it's chosen one.

10. Snake - The next time your hit points drop below zero you shed your skin. You regain all your hit points and if you are middle aged or older you appear young again.

11. Briar - 100ft of giant thorn bushes grow out from a point centered on you. The area is considered difficult terrain and deals 1d4 damage to any creature starting its turn there.

12. Blood - You gain a permanent vampiric thirst for blood. You will take 1 negative level for every day you fail to drink. Drinking the blood of the living removes your negative levels and grants you gain 1d8 positive hp for every consecutive day you drink.

13. Embers - Once before the next sunrise you can make a touch attack that deals 6d6 fire damage.

14. Petrichor - A small rain cloud follows you wherever you go, drenching you, for the next 1d8 days.

15: Sleep - You and your companions regain health and abilities as though you'd had a full night's rest.

16. Sight - You and an ally can now see through each other's eyes for the next 1d4 hours.

17. Rook - Provided you are moving in a straight line, with no obstacles in your way, you have an additional 40ft of movement.

18. Exile - You have been banished from whatever region you are presently in. If the authorities recognize they will attempt to apprehend you.

19. Equinox - If you or one of your companions die they come back to life on the next sunrise. However an oppositely aligned nemesis of power equal to yourself comes back to life, somewhere in the world as well.

20. Blight - A neighboring country or kingdom is stricken with plague and famine.

What I really love about these cards is that they can double as great story hooks; "A neighboring country or kingdom is stricken with plague and famine." If that card gets drawn, it'll be the character who pulled its fault. Good characters will feel responsible and want to fix that now. Evil characters may have to deal with the consequences of cursing an entire country. I can't wait to see what comes out of it!

As with the other cards in our Deck of Many Things line, they're being illustrated by our own Beth Vargas. She was good enough to share some rough sketches with us, and you can expect to see the finished designs in the next few weeks.



The Deck of Illusions

The Deck of Illusions started off as a throw-away gag at the end of our first kickstarted video. Fifty some-odd messages later, asking us about the Deck of Illusions, we decided that we should include it for the relaunch.

Originally, the art from the Deck of Illusions looked much more like traditional fantasy art, (some of you may remember the red dragon I had posted some months back), but once we started to review the cards, we decided that we didn't want the Deck of Illusions to have the same feel as the Deck of Many Things. As a result, the Deck of Illusions went through several iterations before we settled on the style we're using now.

Joe had come up with the idea that all the cards just feature arcane runes rather then pictures. While Beth and I didn't agree that the cards should be devoid of an image of the creature they are meant to represent, we did see where he was coming from and it gave us the idea of a more stylized look to the cards. While thinking about it on my lunch break, I started doodling what would inevitably become the back of the cards, and once I had that, I knew how I wanted the deck to look and feel. I wanted these cards to look like a wizard had inscribed a spell into them, not like they had been drawn by someone who really likes oil paintings.

Below is a selection of cards from the deck as they will appear in the printed deck. Like the Art Decks, they will be poker-sized and available through Drive Thru RPG and our shop just as soon as the backer rewards have been shipped out.

That's all we have for this week. Join us next time when I talk about some stuff and some things! Have a good weekend everybody!


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