The Gemhammer Weekly Update - 09/25/16


Class Re-Skinning Contest


The Weekly Podcast.


Good Evening You Wonderful Internet People,

In this update I wanted talk a little about our podcast and some of the stuff coming out of that.  So without further ado...

The Gemhammer Podcast

Every week Joe and I sit down in front of a microphone to talk about D&D, nerdly things and our home game. It is our hope that the podcast will evolve into a way to interact and communicate with our followers and reach new audiences, so that we can bring you all the More, Better, Game Stuff we dream of. "But Conor, what do all those buzz words mean for us, the consumer?" I hear the small, sheepish gentlemen in the firefly t-shirt ask. What it means, my brown-coat loving friend, is that we want all of you to talk to us about the sort of game stuff you'd like to see out of us in the future. It means we want to reach more people, to grow our business, and it means we want to give some stuff away for free (more on that later).

For those of you who follow the podcast, you've no doubt heard ads for local adventurer and b-list celebrity Trunk Stag battler. Trunk is one of the several NPC/Hirelings that will soon be available on our Patreon for all our patrons. We hope to bring this kind of smaller, yet more frequent kind of content to fill the space between our larger more ambitious projects. In October and November you can expect, magical items, new monsters and new 5th edition backgrounds for as little as a $1 via our Patreon.

For those of you who don't follow the Podcast, what are you waiting for?! Scroll right up to the top of this very webpage and get to listening. "But Conor!" my oddly specific example of a community member interjects with, "What's in it for us?" Well my Jayne knit hat wearing companion, what if I told you that you can win a free T-Shirt in our More Better Contest...


The Great Reskinning of 2016


In our recent Podcasts we've talked about reskinning character classes from D&D 5th Edition and are now holding a contest on that very subject. Originally we had it set to end tomorrow, but we've decided to push it back to October 15th, 2016 and add some rewards for the winner.

The Rules.

Send us via email or blog comment a Class from the D&D 5th Edition players handbook, reskinned as something else (ie. Bard as a Jester, Beast Master Ranger as a Lion Tamer.) You can change the names of the classes and abilities but you cannot change the mechanics. Changes must be fluff only. The best, most imaginative reskinned class will win a Deck of Many Things Art Deck, a Cure Wounds Lite T-Shirt, and a super secret surprise. Whats the surprise? You'll just have to enter to find out. The contest ends October 15th , 2016 so send us your reskinned classes for you chance to win!


More Deck of Many Things Art!

We have some Art from the Deck of Even More Things for you as well as a few more cards from the Deck of Illusions!


That's all we have for this week. Remember to send us those reskins and check out the Podcast!


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