The Gemhammer Monthly Update January 2017

Store Update, New Kickstarter and

The MacGuffin-Stone Keep.


We're Back Wonderful Internet People!

Things have been quiet from us here at Gemhammer Games, but not to worry, our silence is due to our incredible workload and all the amazing things we have coming in 2017. First off we've decided to change the Weekly Update into a monthly one. We've also decided to switch up our podcast situation. Many of you were sad to see us stop updating, but we've decided to change formats a little and you should see the podcast returning in the spring.

But you're not here to learn about the update schedule, you're here to learn about all the fantastic things we have to share with you, so all aboard the hype train, next stop: Adventure!

But First...

Deck of Many Things Kickstarter Update!

Bright and early Tuesday morning, we'll begin to ship out the final wave of Kickstarter orders! Thank the gods! And we stress that we are forever grateful for your backing and patience as we navigate all of this wonderful madness! Honestly, without you amazing internet people, we would never have made it through.

Store Update

New Bags!

For those of you who don't know, pre-orders are now live in our store for tarot-sized deck bags. Perfect for those who missed out on the Satchel of Holding from the Deck of Many Things Kickstarter. Made by the fine people at Emporium Custom Leathers, these bad Larry's come with a belt loop, and can hold up to 72 cards. With that much room, you can hold a Deck of Many Things, Many More Things or Even More Things! Be sure to check out Emporium Custom Leathers for dice bags, leather armor and more!

Kickstarter Decks are now available!

Now live in our store, you can purchase any of our Decks of Many Things, our Deck of Illusions and our very own Deck of Wonder! Just in time for Valentines Day!


Coming Soon from

Gemhammer and Sons Gaming!


New Kickstarter!

This spring we'll be launching our next project on Kickstarter, The Gemhammer Inspiration Deck. The Inspiration Deck is a new DM tool that helps reward their players for great roleplaying, amazing puns, and wild stunts. Want to know more? Want to get in on the action? Then stay tuned because we got all sorts of goodies planned for our next big dive into the wild world of crowd funding.


MacGuffin-Stone Keep

"MacGuffin-Stone Keep is home to the powerful artifact, The MacGuffin-Stone. It's very important to the plot..."

"MacGuffin-Stone Keep is home to the powerful artifact, The MacGuffin-Stone. It's very important to the plot..."

Right on the heals of our next Kickstarter, we will be releasing the first installment of our very own line of modules and dungeons; the MacGuffin-Stone Keep Series.

We here at Gemhammer Games what to take the work load off the Dungeon Masters and Game Masters of the world, so that they and their parties can write and tell the stories of their world and their characters. What we don't want is to tell you who lives in your world and bog you down with exposition that you'll never use. The MacGuffin-Stone Keep will be a series of modular dungeons, temples, castles, pyramids, etc..., that you can use in your adventures, all without the how and why, so that you can tell your story the way you want to. Need a water temple? We've got that. Need a maze made of endlessly spawning rooms? We've got that too! Combine them together for hours of fun! Well, hours of wandering around in a water themed House of Leaves, anyway...

That's all we have for this Month's Gemhammer Update. But not to worry, we'll be back soon with many more news and products. Thanks everybody, and have a good night!




The Compendium Wild Beasts & The Deck of Destinies. 




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