The Gemhammer Monthly Update February 2017

The MacGuffin-Stone Keep Snapshot,

The Deck of Destinies, and Compendium of Wild Beasts


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This month, we'll be digging a little deeper into our forthcoming adventure series, The MacGuffin-Stone Keep. We'll also be taking a peak at the long-promised Compendium of Wild Beasts and talking a little about the Deck of Destinies. But first, some news about our upcoming appearance at Green Mountain Comic Expo.


Green Mountain Comic Expo


That's right, we're hitting the road again and returning to the Green Mountain State. Produced by the group behind Vermont Comic Con, Green Mountain Comic Expo is an independent art show at the Barre Civic Center in Barre, Vermont. While there, we'll be running games and selling cards. So if you're in the area, stop on by and say hello, play some Mystery Dice and maybe even beta test our super secret new game.

For more information and to buy tickets check out


MacGuffin-Stone Keep:

The Hall of Endless Rooms

Very soon, our first adventure module will be hitting the digital shelves of the Gemhammer store and DriveThru RPG. But what can you expect from this new series of adventure modules? To help explain the majesty and wonder behind the MacGuffin-Stone Keep, I will refer to the opening letter written by our own Joe Curran.

Esteemed Game Masters,
     Encased in these pages is a dungeon that contains a marvelous item: The MacGuffin-Stone. The MacGuffin-Stone is an item of purest power, vital to the plot. The prophecy has said that it probably belonged to your father. And that’s what your PCs are after!
    At Gehmammer and Sons, we are committed to making your games More Better. But we still want your games to be your games. So in these pages, you won’t find rich lore about the town beset on by villains with intricate backstories and motivations. You won’t read about succession of kings or the politics of court. Not a word here has been dedicated to tribal agreements.
    As a Game Master, you have a world. Your players know it, your players’ characters live there. Be it a published world from some game company, or one of your own creation. We love that, and want to encourage you to make the world your own. After all, that’s why we Roleplay: to leave our mark on the world.
    In these pages, you will find a Keep. It is themed to be exactly what you need of it. Regardless of your play style, regardless of whether your players always search for traps or never, regardless of whether they prep offensive or support spells, whether you want a Temple to the Fire Gods or a rat-infested Goblin hideout, whether you need a cave to be home to an Unspeakable Evil or a sunken Pirate vessel plunged from the depths by nefarious magic, there’s a MacGuffin-Stone Keep for you.
    In the final room of this Keep, you will find the MacGuffin-Stone. While statistics for using the MacGuffin-Stone are included, it is not our intention that you use these statistics. Rather, the MacGuffin-Stone should be replaced with whatever MacGuffin your players are after. The 19th Piece of the Amulet of 27 Pieces, the princess or priestess taken by ne’ers do well, the rare spell components, the sword, Deathcrawler, ancestral heirloom of the ruling house: anything your players want to acquire or retrieve.
So here it is, a modular dungeon to make your game, your game, More Better.

MacGuffin-Stone Keep: the Hall of Endless Rooms is built for 4 Level 3-5 PC's, compatible with 3.5, Pathfinder and 5th Edition. the Adventure will include 3 new monsters and the MacGuffin-Stone Item Stat-block.


Coming Soon from

Gemhammer and Sons Gaming!


The Compendium of Wild Beasts

It's been a while since we got to talking about this little gem, but late Q2 2017 Players and DMs alike will be able to get the Compendium of Wild Beasts via Kickstarter.

Nothing is worse for your DM, Druid, or Ranger than to have to manage the stat block of every fey and animal they may summon, turn into, or befriend. That's why we at Gemhammer and Sons Gaming have come up with a solution...put them all on cards! It works for your spells so why not do it for your beasts.

This 3.0/3.5 compatable deck of 100 cards contains the stat-blocks of Animals, Plants, Vermin and Fey to use in your game as an alternative to using a full Monster Manual or Bestiary.

The Deck of Destinies

Don't think for one second we forgot about the Classic Deck from the bowels of Return to White Plume Mountain. Be sure to check out our Update from last July that really dives into the deck, it's effects and the lore.

Last we left it, we had put it to you, the fans, to tell us what editions you'd like to see this in and we've settled on making this 2nd edition and 3rd/3.5 compatible with a 4th and 5th edition version to be made if there's sufficient interest. As with all our other decks, we are planning on putting the Deck of Destinies on Kickstarter, with a tentative launch targeted for summer 2017. However this may get pushed back as we're trying to balance card size, the required text and the art. I hope to have this balanced out soon, but I do still need to work on adjusting some things.


That's all for this month, thanks everybody!




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