Gemhammer Update - Compendium of Wild Beasts Kickstarter is now live!

We're Back You Wonderful internet People!

Our latest Kickstarter is up and running. With 29 days and some change left to go, we're already over 10% funded, 1 Stretch Goal unlocked and 1 Backer Achievement Unlocked! Not bad for a first day! 

Below I've included the opening copy form our campaign, since I think it tells the story perfectly...

"When I first started playing 5th Edition, I rolled up a Druid named Torban. He joined a group of adventures who would become known as "the Sons of the Coast" and helped to save our game world from a mad beholder and his drow thralls. It was a great adventure and I'll remember it for years to come, but for all the great memories I have of that campaign, the most frustrating ones revolve around the amount of material I had to keep track of. All too often I would have more books and sheets on me than my game master. So once again the gents of Gemhammer are back to take the tables, charts and sheets out of your game and make things easier for you.
The Compendium of Wild Beasts is a deck of 100 stat block cards for the menagerie of critters that you can fight, hunt, summon, turn into and befriend. We have a version for 3rd and 5th edition (sorry 4th) with a 25 card expansion for each. 
The decks let the game masters reduce the number of tabs in their bestiaries/monster manuals and has some interesting uses when it comes to survival checks and hunting. For the player with wild shaping, summoning, or animal companions, the deck will give you all the stats you need without having to borrow your GM's books or carry extra sheets."

So there you have it, 100 amazing animals for a More, Better, d20 experience. 


I'm very please to say that it won't be so long a wait before you hear from us again. Several of the goodies we've been teasing at for the last 6 months or so are entering their final stages of completion, and you'll be hearing from us much more over the coming weeks and months.

Thanks to all the people who jumped on board our new Kickstarter so quickly and congratulations on unlocking your first backer achievement and stretch goal!

Till next time,