Gemhammer Update August 2017 - Fall Rundown

Fall 2017 Rundown 

Compendium Relaunch and the Return of the Deck of Destinies. 


Good Afternoon You Wonderful Internet People,

So much to do and so little time. We're all prepped to relaunch the Compendium of Wild Beasts live from Vermont Comic Con and we've also announced our return to the Deck of Destinies. These two projects will take up most of the fall and will take us into the new year. So get ready for a double helping of Gemhammer Kickstarter's because we're coming in hot!

Compendium Relaunch and VTCC

As many of you know, we cancelled the Compendium of Wild Beasts Kickstarter. After reviewing the project and it's progress, we decided it would be best to focus on one edition at a time, rather than try and split our resources needlessly. With that in mind, we'll be launching the Compendium of Wild Beasts for 5e only. The new goal will be $5000.00 and we think it'll be more than manageable. We've had to rework some of the stretch goals and backer achievements, but I think you'll enjoy what we have to offer. 


The Kickstarter will launch live at Vermont Comic Con where we'll be holding a launch party in the game room. We'll be coming to you live from VTCC via Kickstarter live where we'll be playing Mystery Dice, giving away some goodies, giving people a chance to use the Compendium of Wild Beasts in a very special, very wild Gemhammer adventure, and if that wasn't enough, we have a super secret contest going. The first person to come to VTCC and tell Conor that "Gemmy sent them" will receive a Deck of Many Things Art Deck and a Deck of Illusions absolutely free.

That evening we'll also be coming to you live via our partners Victory Condition Gaming for the second installment or our D&D live game. Last night we got a chance to meet with some of the players and hijack Doug's channel for our own amusement. For those of you who missed the livestream, you can check it out here.


Deck of Destinies

We've been talking about it since we first launched the Deck of Many Things last year. You asked us for it, asked about it, we teased it, started it, stopped it, started it again, but my dear wonderful internet people, the third time is the charm. The Deck of Destinies Kickstarter will be coming to you right off the heels of the Compendium this fall. We're trying something different and will be launching this at a much lower price point, so it will lack all the bells and whistles of our previous kick starters. 

For those of you who are fans of the original Return to White Plume Mountain or are fixing to play it ever since White Plume Mountain was brought back for Tales from the Yawning Portal, this will make an excellent addition to your game. While the Deck of Many Things offers world altering effects that can ruin a campaign or be exploited by the players, the Deck of Destinies causes a permanent effect on the character who draws from the deck, and then that card cannot be drawn from the deck again. The good news is the good and bad cards have parallels to help counteract their effects.  This means that for every good card the players draw, it increases their odds of getting the bad stuff, but for every bad card they draw, there's still a card in the deck that can help them deal with their new fate.


"A bound demon created this magical deck of vellum cards for Keraptis in return for its freedom.

Suspicious of fiendish gifts, even when he himself has commissioned them, Keraptis filed the deck away for later research."

The artwork will be done by me, Conor Napier, and is a stark departure from our original vision for these cards. They will be tarot sized as opposed to poker, and the new style has been inspired by artwork from Return to White Plume Mountain and other artwork from 1st and 2nd edition.

The cards' effects will be unchanged from Return to White Plume Mountain, with the exception of "(con)" added to one of the cards so that they may be used in your 5th edition game. Otherwise, they are perfectly usable in any d20 system. We'll take a closer look at these cards and their Kickstarter in a future update.


Other Projects?

The next time you hear from us, we'll be launching The Compendium of Wild Beasts live from Vermont, but we have a few more projects coming. Ideally, you'll start to see some of these trickle out as we get into winter. Darring Damsels will be play tested at VTCC along with a few other local New England conventions, so expect to hear more about it in the spring. Otherwise, we've got some other non-kickstarter goodies on the way, but I don't want give anything away.

Dang it, I said we don't want to give anything away!



Till next time,