Gemhammer Weekly Update - All New! All Things!


All New, All Things


Good Morning Wonderful Internet People!

We here at Gemhammer took the last month or so to buckle down on a few projects and get some house cleaning done on our end. But now we're back, and ready to continue providing that classic Gemhammer content you've all come to know and love. The Deck of All the Things preorder is drawing to a close, the Contest of All the Things winners have been selected and their cards produced and finally, we're ready to announce our next big project. So without further ado, let's get to it.

Contest of All the Things Winners and Preorder Ending Soon


At PAX we announced the winners of the Contest of All the Things. These winners have been contacted and will be receiving their own custom cards added to the game, a free copy of the Deck of All the Things, as well as a Gemhammer t-shirt. Wonderful Internet People, I'm happy to announce the 5 new cards added the the Deck of All the Things, created by members of the Gemhammer Community..


The Hag will cause you to age for every life you take, unless you can find the hag who created this card, or the direct intervention of a deity.

The Bridge will cause you to switch bodies with you closest ally for 10 hours.

The Fourth Wall will give you a free use of the wish spell, but drive you mad in the process.

The Black Rose will cause you to fall in love with a recently resurrected person who is somewhere in the world. 

And our new favorite, Wait...What? will cause you to lose your memory of the last 10 minutes.

The Deck of All the Things will include 95 tarot sized cards (including the contest winner cards), in a custom rigid box, along with a free magic item card. The deck is currently on preorder in our shop for a special, low price of $40.00. Once the preorder ends, The Deck of All the Things will retail for $55.00. So if you're planning on buying all of our decks, act fast before this special preorder deal slips away. 

Speaking of our decks...

Deck of Many Things update and stock refresh 

A few months back, we posted about our Decks of Many Things getting a stock refresh and update to the cards. I'm happy to announce that all of our decks are now updated and available in our store. The new cards feature an icon identifying which deck they belong to and some of the spell effects have been modified slightly with any errors having been removed. 

The Night Life Baby...


You heard it here first. Our original deck, the Deck of Wonder, is coming back with a fresh, new update and an all new, 100-card expansion. These all new NSFW cards are sure to spice up any game and just like the Deck of Wonder, all 100 cards will work in any system. Coming to Kickstarter Summer 2018, stay tuned for more information as we prepare to #gethype #deckofwonder #somanyhashtags

That's all for this week. Join us next time when we update you on the Kingdom of Owlbears, the first in our new adventure series. Wizardry Wednesdays returns this week with a very special assortment of epic spells for casters with spell slots above 10th level. 

See you next time,