Gemhammer Mid-Week Update - Deck of All the Things Preview and Preorder Ending


Deck of All the Things

Preview and Preorder Ending


Good Afternoon Wonderful Internet People!

Today we have a very special midweek update on the Deck of All the Things. The proofs are in and we have some exclusive picture of the deck to share with you along with details on the preorder.


Those of you who are familiar with the Deck of Many Things will know it is a powerful wondrous item with dubious reputation. Not being satisfied with a mere 13 - 22 cards, we here at Gemhammer have produced several versions of the Deck of Many Things, improving and expanding on the classic magic item. However since we started making these decks, the #1 request we've received has been for a collection of all the deck together. Well ask no longer as the Deck of All the Things is finally here and very soon will be in your hands.


The Deck of All the Things contains 97 tarot-sized cards in a new, rigid box. Mix and match the spell effects you want your players to have. Give your players a select few cards and make the deck as forgiving or punishing as you like. 

The Deck of All the Things is made up of all of the cards featured in our various Decks of Many Things line, along with five cards created by the community. The deck contains a card list, as well as icons on each card indicating which deck they originate from for ease of use. The deck is currently on preorder in our shop for a special, low price of $40.00. Once the preorder ends, The Deck of All the Things will retail for $55.00. Preorders end 06/15/2018.


Be sure to preorder yours before time runs out on this special deal! Join us this weekend when Sidequest Saturdays returns and we give you an update on the Kingdom of Owlbears, and more!

See you next time,