Gemhammer Update - Deck of Wonder, Skullspire, and Owlbears, Oh My!



Good Afternoon Wonderful Internet People!

We here at Gemhammer haven’t been updating much lately. We had our work cut out for us with “Kingdom of Owlbears” and it took a lot out of us. But now we’re back on track and ready to roll! I’ve decided that the weekly updates that we were doing in the spring, (and struggled to do in the past), are too numerous and time consuming. It’s just time better spent on our actual projects. But all in all, I think we’ll end up posting more as a result.

Carnage Con XXI and the Siege of Skullspire

For those of you who don’t know, Gemhammer made their triumphant return to Carnage in beautiful Killington, VT. Carnage is a gathering of gamers, role-players, Magnificent Real-World People, and even some of you Wonderful Internet People, (MRP’s vs. WIP’s t-shirts forthcoming).


The primary reason for our trip to beautiful Carnage, was to play-test “The Siege of Skullspire”. Skullspire is a tournament style, six round dungeon crawl, testing the players against a series of difficult encounters, called chapters. The event is designed for paired parties of 4-6 players who take separate routes through the dungeon. Each chapter is more difficult than the last, but the rewards are significant. In Skullspire, players receive a score based on Triumph Points, which can be earned a number of ways including:

  • How many chapters the players survived

  • Completing chapter specific achievements

  • Bonus points awarded by player vote

The Skullspire play-test went very well, excluding a few hiccups, and after some minor adjustments, will be available for print and download on DriveThruRPG in early 2019.


All of our play testers received awards for making their way through the adventure and in the end, four of our intrepid adventurers survived. Which of course, means that the final boss needs to be buffed significantly.


Congratulations to Giselle, Mirtis, and Kimosabi Cash-Money for making it to the end of Skullspire. And a special congratulations to our Grand Prize Winner, Darmok!

Kingdom of Owlbears and the Gemhammer Adventure Series


After a significant delay with the artwork, and a much needed adjustment after play-testing, the Kingdom of Owlbears is completed and a PDF version was released to all our Kickstarter Backers from the Compendium of Wild Beasts. Kingdom of Owlbears will be released in both printed and digital formats on DriveThruRPG later this month. The adventure description is as follows:

Bandits plague the northern settlements and now the great city of Arborstone is left in desperate need of supplies. Follow the trail of a missing druid. Venture into uncharted wilderness and bear witness to the rise of a new King.

Kingdom of Owlbears is a wilderness and dungeon adventure designed for a party of four to six characters of 5th level. Characters who complete this adventure should expect to reach 6th level by its conclusion. This module is set in the world of Aardehn, the setting for the Gemhammer Adventure Series and is compatable with the 5th edition of the greatest table top role playing game.

Kingdom of Owlbears will be the first in a new series of Adventure Modules set in the world of Aardehn. We have two more adventures in the series already in production, and we will update here with more news on the Adventure Series as it becomes available.

13 Nights ‘Till Launch


That’s right, in just 13 days we’re launching a rework and expansion to our very first product, the Deck of Wonder. At midnight on Black Friday, November 23rd 2018, we will launch the Deck of Wonder: After Dark Kickstarter. The Deck of Wonder will be getting a refresh, with an updated box and adjustments to the errors presently in the deck. We’ll also be introducing you all to the Deck of Wonder: After Dark, 100 not safe for work spell effects that you can use to add a little wonder to your game world. for those who don’t know, the Deck of Wonder is a deck of 100 random spell effects. Simulate wild and randomized magic, or use the cards as their own magical artifacts. When used, your spell caster may rain down thunderbolts on their enemies, they may also fill everyone's shoes with custard, it's anyones guess. 

Each deck comes with 100 spell effects and the "Deck of Wonder" item description. Although we recommend the deck for use with D&D and Pathfinder, the spell effects aren't rule specific and can be used in any campaign setting.

As a special Black Friday promotion, for the first 24 hours, we’ll be selling the decks for $9, and both decks together for only $16.00. Tell your friends to get in early, because we’re aiming to get this launched in the first 24 hours.


In Case You Missed It

This morning we released 6 all new 5e compatible spells exclusively for the Draconic Sorcerer. Give your favorite scaled spell caster a whole new feel with these 6 spells aimed to make them really feel like the spawn of a dragon.

Draconic Sorcerer Spells

That's all for this week. The next time we update, we’ll be well into the Kickstarter, so we’ll see you then. Also keep an eye out for more spell cards in this week's Wizardry Wednesday! 

See you next time,