Gemhammer News Update - PAX East, Decks of Wonder, and MORE!


Good Morning Wonderful Internet People!

We’re back and we’ve got tons of news to share. Since we last checked in we’ve successfully launched a kickstarter, started putting some new stuff together, and we’re gearing up for our triumphant return to PAX East. So without further ado, lets jump into it.


Back at PAX!

Once again we’ll be making an appearance at PAX East. If you're in the area please come by and pay us a visit. We'll have some of the decks from the Kickstarter on hand, along with many other goodies, including PAX Exclusive Pins, Gemhammer Brand Healing Potions, and MORE! You can find us Chillin' out maxin' relaxin' all cool at booth 10110. I've included an easy to follow map below for your convenience.



Deck of Wonder: After Dark

Back in December we launched the Deck of Wonder: After Dark in only 9 hours. As a result we’ll soon have 200 random magic spell effect cards available to turn your roleplaying world upside-down.  We hit many stretch goals including the Deck of Sunders, Deck of Blunders, and the Deck of Plunder. The Decks from our Kickstarter will be on our site for preorder soon, along with a full refresh of our stock, including the Deck of Illusions, the Compendium of Wild Beasts, Compendium of Wild Beasts II, Compendium of Wild Beasts III. We’ll post again here when the Decks are ready for preorder on the site.


Gemhammer Adventure Series

For those who’ve enjoyed our first adventure, Kingdom of Owlbears, I’m pleased to announce 4 more entries in the Gemhammer Adventure Series. Each 32 page book will feature an adventure, all new creature stat blocks, magic items and more!

Siege of Skullspire is a tournament style adventure where two parties run congruent adventures, their actions effecting one another. Alternatively, the adventure can be played by a single party who are looking for a truly punishing experience.

Caverns of Crestfall picks up several months after where Kingdom of Owlbears left off. Return to Crestfall, where the greedy and the affluent seek to stake a claim on this prosperous new city, and on the surrounding region.

A Simpler Life continues from where Caverns of Crestfall left off and brings you into the unknown frontier  north of Crestfall, where your party discovers a mysterious farming community.

Finally, One Night in Betula has you enjoying the hospitality of Auroran Remnants hidden deep in the mountains of Palleron.

Look for these books on DriveThruRPG and here on our website starting in late spring/early summer 2019.

An All New Kickstarter

Coming this summer to Kickstarter, we’re collecting all our Wizardry Wednesday (and other magical days of the week) spells into a book and easy to use spells cards. 100 new spells to add a little magic to your game. In the coming months we’ll have more information about this project along with pledge levels and add-ons. In the meantime, feel free to check out all the spells freely available here on

That's all for now The next time we update, we’ll be heading to PAX, we hope to see you there! 

See you next time,