Gemhammer Weekly Update - Return of the Weekly Update


Return of the Weekly Update

The one where we bring you More, Better, Game Stuff.


Good Morning you Wonderful Internet People!

Allow me to be the first to welcome you to a new era of Gemhammer and Sons Gaming. Today not only marks the return of our Weekly Update, but it sets the stage for a consistent flow of that More, Better, Game Stuff you've all come to enjoy. In the past, we've made big plans and big promises, but now the time has come to make good on those promises. Gemhammer is more then just a hobby to us, it's more then just a side project, Gemhammer and Sons is our dream. This year, in 2018, on top of work, school and raising a family, I will do everything in my power to make Gemhammer a true contender in the world of tabletop games. Gemhammer and Sons Gaming will live up to its ridiculously worded motto and bring you " More, Better, Game Stuff."  

And that motto is just how we're going to do it too.

  • MORE: we'll be bring you more content than ever before, with weekly and monthly segments.
  • BETTER: We're looking at the past, the present, and to the future to develop the sorts of game content that will spark that sense of wonder and adventure at your game table. 
  • GAME STUFF: Not just cards, but adventures, guides, new classes, races, spells. Everything you could ever want or need to expand your game.

This is my pledge to you, to the fans who've supported us, those we've only just met, and people out there who we've yet to meet.

Thank you,

-Conor Napier

Co-founder Gemhammer and Sons Gaming

Updating Our Present Stock


A Deck of Decks of Things

As some of you have noticed, the stock on some of our the Decks of Many things has run low. Many of you have reached out to us wondering when we'll refresh the stock and when the bundles will be available again. Well let me assure you that we're still working on our Decks of Many Things lineup and we intend to refresh the Stock.

However, before we do, we need to make some changes. Due to strong customer feedback, we'd like to reduce the cost of purchasing all the decks in one go. We'd also like to make slight adjustments to the cards, from correcting the errors found on the original run of the cards, to adding icons to each card, so you can easily separate them back into their intended decks. So without further ado, I am proud to announce the Gemhammer Deck of All the Things. This deck will replace our present bundle and will be available alongside the classic lineup of decks. We expect these to be available late Q2 2018 and are available for preorder in our store now!


Deck of all the Things Effect Contest

Back when we kickstarted the original Deck of Many Things, we offered a chance for people to have their very own card made and put into the the deck. While that first kickstarter never went through, I still love the spirit of the idea and wanted to bring it back for this new iteration of the deck. From February 10th, 2018 until April 1st, 2018, community members will be able to submit their spell effect for entry into the contest. 5 lucky winners will have their effect made into a card in the deck, receive a free copy of the Deck of All the Things, AND receive a Gemhammer Dice T-shirt. No Purchase Necessary, Purchasing or preordering will not increase your chance of winning.

*More information and official rules about the contest will be available when it officially launches on the 10th*


New Weekly Content 

Beginning Saturday, February 10th, we'll be brining you two articles every week, full of free gaming content for you and your players. SideQuest Saturdays and Wizardry Wednesdays will be our weekly segments, each specializing in it's own brand of content. Originally, we were going to offer this content on Drive Thru RPG for $1. However, when Youtube changed their monetization policy, we offered the first SideQuest Saturday for free to help our good friends at Victory Condition Gaming boost their subscribers, and after seeing the outpouring of support they received, we've now decided that we wanted to give this out to our followers every week for free. 


Get ready to SideQuest

SideQuest Saturdays will be short, 1-2 page articles containing mini quests, random encounters and story hooks to help add a little variety to your favorite d20 tabletop RPG. From finding dragon eggs and cursed rings, to grinding loot for extra xp, these are sure to bring a smile to your players' faces. Optimized for 5e, but can be used in any d20 system with little-to-no modification. These can be especially fun if you don't have an adventure prepared. Just give them the hook and let the players run with it, see where they go.


Fresh New Spells Every Wednesday

Wizardry Wednesdays will be a collection of 3-5 brand new spells for D&D 5e. But don't worry you sassy sorcerers and classy clerics, despite the name, we will have spells for ALL the spell casting classes, and even a few for the non spell casting classes! "But Conor!" I hear you say "That doesn't make sense." Oh ye of little faith, just wait 'till you see...

New Monthly Content

Lost Lore Orng.png

Forgotten Tomes for a New Age

Does your campaign take place in outer space? Is your party a group of hard-nosed gumshoes in a corrupt metropolis? Does your fighter want to moonlight as a lumberjack? Do your players want to test their might against a grenade golem? Then Lost Lore is for you! Starting on March 15th, (and every 15th moving forward), we'll be bringing you a themed collection of Classes, Monsters, Feats, Items and more, to help support those campaigns that take place in realms more remembered where fantasy is less high. Lost Lore will be available here on our website and through our store on DriveThruRPG.

Upcoming Products



Kingdom of Olwbears

Free to the backers of our Compendium of Wild Beast Kickstarter, this 32 page adventure will be the first entry in our Gemhammer Adventure Series, and introduce you to the land of Falerin in the World of Aardehn. Filled with secrets, magic items, some new critters, and an Owlbear Wizard, "Kingdom of Owlbears" is sure to make a great addition to your gaming collection. Originally slated for release in early February, an unforeseen technical issue has forced me to push it back a little. "Kingdom of Owlbears" is now expected to be released at the end of February via our store on DriveThruRPG

DOD ad.png

The Wizards Left a Piece Out

The Deck of Destinies is a magic item similar to the Deck of Many Things that first made it's appearance in Return to White Plume Mountain for 2E AD&D. We've long teased the Deck and we expected to release it last fall. But our relaunching of the Compendium of Wild Beasts set us back several months and now we have a virtually completed product and we're a little bit at a loss for how to launch it. So we're putting it to you. We're running a poll to see how people would like to see the Deck of Destinies make it's debut. Would you rather see it on DriveThruRPG sooner than later, or a much nicer quality deck in a full production run as a part of a Kickstarter? You tell us!


Click here to head over to our Twitter and take part in the poll.

Upcoming Appearences


If you're in the Boston area April 5-8, 2018, be sure to swing by and say hello! We'll be there selling our wares and giving out goodies to all the Wonderful Internet People who take the leap to becoming Wonderful Real Life People. Come say hello, come hang out, a great time will be had by all!

Can't make it to PAX? Well not to worry, we'll be streaming updates from there periodically throughout the convention and that's not all. PAX is on a Saturday so you'll be getting a very special PAX themed SideQuest Saturday while we're disco dancing and selling Mystery Dice. 

That's all for this week, but don't think that this is all we have prepared. We'll be coming at you every week, with updates, polls, news, and more! 

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