Gemhammer News Update - Gemhammer Grimoire Kickstarter Preview


Good Evening Wonderful Internet People!

Gemhammer and Sons is launching an all new Kickstarter at noon tomorrow and there is still so much to do, but before we signed off for the night we wanted to share with you a little preview of the pledge levels, stretch goals and the add-ons. Aside from the Gemhammer Grimoire and the spell cards, we’ve also got some amazing Lapis dice from Level Up Dice and two handmade leather pouches from Emporium Custom Leathers. All of which can be added on to any order.

I hate to cut this so short but there’s still sos much to do and its already so late! But fear not, you’ll be hearing from us constantly over the next month and we’ll see you all very soon at launch. Thanks for all your support